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What is BHPH?

BHPH (Buy Here Pay Here) is a program many dealerships offer for customers with poor or no credit. It’s an in-house financing program where the vehicles are financed by the dealership vs. outside sources such as banks, credit unions or other financing companies.


Our BHPH Program

Although Buy Here Pay Here dealers primarily sell vehicles to customers with very poor or no credit histories, our Buy Here Pay Here program is a very welcoming option for all customers! We accept every applicant, and do our best to workout a plan that will cater to
the needs of each client. Great credit, poor credit, or no credit, it really doesn’t matter!

We give everyone a feasible option to get into a vehicle with our BHPH program! Featuring some of the industry’s lowest, fixed interest rates, you can be sure to get the best deal with our BHPH program. We even reward our clients who make consecutive on-time payments by lowering their interest rate oftentimes to 0%! Larger down payments come with lower monthly payments. We make it very convenient for you to make your payments on time, so you can feel safe about keeping your account in good standing.


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